What we do.

IOMS is a manufacturer of non contact laser probes for rapid automated detection of surface finish defects in cylindrical, disk or spherical components on manufacturing production lines. Examples include inspection of combustion cylinders of engine blocks, valve ports of automatic transmissions, valve seats of engine heads, fuel injectors, rollers, valve guides, cylinders with tapped threads or other internally structured surfaces, gears, break caliper cylinders and break disks. Scanned images for a number of different parts are shown in the Application Examples.

Our probes can inspect 100% of the surface area of every part at the speed of a production line and identify defects such as chatter, porosity, chips scratches, cracks and other surface defects. The probes can inspect metal and non metal parts. For honed surfaces, such as the surfaces of combustion cylinders, the pattern of machining marks are mapped and deviations from the desired pattern are identified. Software analyzes the data and determines whether a part is acceptable or defective according to objective criteria. A permanent record of the data for every part can be provided.

The probes operate by scanning the surface of a part with a focused laser beam and detecting and analyzing the scattered or reflected light returned from the surface.To obtain a detailed surface scan of a surface area either a probe spins inside a part or a part spins relative to a probe axis. Line scans of curved or flat surfaces can also be performed. Multiple probes can be operated simultaneously and images can be combined or stitched together.

Example of a probe inspecting a threaded part